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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Welcome to the Art 397/597 - Art and Design Study Program in Japan


Credits: 3

Date: Summer 2015

Department: Art

Faculty: John Francis, Associate Professor

Class Size: 10-12

Class Standing: All levels of undergraduate and graduate art students

Cost: Approximately $1975 plus airfare


This is a two week Summer semester course from May 29-June 13, 2015 and is open to all Boise State University art majors or university students who can demonstrate art proficiency through their work.


Deadline for application is April 3, 2015 and you need to talk with me to register for the class.


Students chosen to go on the program will participate in an exhibition of their work at Nagoya Zokei University of Art and Design. Participants will be selected based on their portfolio and application; class standing is not a determining factor. It is important to see me as soon as possible to get information about the program as well as to discuss the work for the exhibit. In addition to the exhibition students will participate in a Japanese painting class at NZU, visit art museums and conduct field trips related to various art and design disciplines of Japan including papermaking, textiles, ceramics, and graphic, industrial and landscape design. Hands on workshops include papermaking and textile design. You will travel to the city of Nagoya and the surrounding area and spend 2 days in Kyoto. An important component of this program is the opportunity to stay with a Japanese family and share in their culture in the evenings and on weekends while visiting various locations with the class during the day.


Program Cost

 The program cost per person is approximately $1975. This includes most of the cost for the program, 3 credits of tuition but excluding round-trip airfare. There is a chance that the government of Japan will give each participating student who will not be graduating in Spring semester of 2014 a scholarship for up to $900. The exact cost of the program will be determined by the actual number of participants and the final cost of airfare. This program may qualify for financial aid.

What is Included

    • Lodging both homestay and hotel cost
    • Most meals except lunch during daytime program
    • All ground transportation while in Japan
    • Entrance and admission fees to events

What is Not Included

    • Lunches (approxiamtely $7.50-15.00 a day)
    • Two workshops ($10-25.00 each)
    • Personal Expenses
    • Passport fees
    • Health insurance




The requirement for course registration is to that you need to be have taken or be registered for Art 107, and Art 108 in the Spring semester. Due to the anticipated popularity of this course, portfolio review and/or grade review is required.


Nearly 82 students have gone on this adventure in the last  8 years. You will receive 1-3 hours of upper division credit in art, which can be used by Art majors. I do hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.


John Francis, Associate Professor 

Phone: 208 426.3995
Email: jfrancis@boisestate.edu



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.