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 The House of Learned Doctors


Welcome to the e-Portfolio for The House of Learned Doctors.  What's with the name?    Well, those of you who are fans of the movie "Step Brothers" most likely will get the reference.  Those of you who don't will just think we're weird.  This porfolio will be home to videos, written summaries, and worked problems for material covered during the spring 2014 semester of ME302 Thermodynamics.  The material will be divided into 3 projects as they become due.


The House of Learned Doctors is made up of four students attending Boise State University.  Following is a brief introduction of each team member where we share our professional and academic experiences.


Aaron Maness is a Junior majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science.  Aaron is 36 and has returned to school at this late age after spending time serving in the United States Marine Corps.  Outside of class, he spends time with his wife and two daughters.  When the school session is out he participates in a co-op at the NASA John H. Glenn Reseach Center in Cleveland, OH, where he plans to continue working after graduation.  At NASA, Aaron works as a Power Systems Engineer where heat dissipation is major concern for the projects he helps develop.  While thermodynamics is not required for his major, it is required for his employment consideration and his professional advancement at NASA.


John Amos is a Sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering. John is 19 and plans to go into a Naval program known as NUPOC (Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program) after graduation where he will go into the Nulcear Engineering field working on nuclear reactors on submarines. The program requires every applicant to be a STEM major which is why John is going into Mechanical Engineering. Through the Navy, he plans to receive a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and hopefully make a career out of being a Naval Officer. Outside of school, John enjoys staying active whether it be through working out, playing sports, or anything that will get his adrenaline pumping. 


Luke Rowley is a Senior majoring in Civil Engineering.  Luke is 21 and in his last semester of college, upon graduation he will be moving to Washington State to start a new career as a Shift Test Engineer with the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.  When not in class Luke interns for the Idaho Transportation Department and is currently working in the highway design section.  In his free time Luke can be found outside rock climbing, white water kayaking or skiing. 


-“If You’re Not Living Life On The Edge You’re Taking Up Too Much Space” Jim Whittaker (The First American To Climb Everest)




Cody Breckenridge is in his Junior year at Boise State University.  Cody is majoring in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on Power, Energy, and Renewable Energy Systems.  Cody has interned with Idaho Power and is looking forward to working in Dr. Kris Campbell's research group this coming summer.  Cody is a Non-commissioned Officer in the Idaho Army National Guard and an IEEE - Power and Energy Society Scholar.  When he's not playing one of many musical instruments, or at the gym, Cody enjoys spending time with his wife Kayla and daughter Teagan.  Let's get our learnin' on!!!!!


Thank you for visiting our e-Portfolio.  Please check back often as new content comes available.  We are excited to learn about Thermodynamics and look forward to sharing our projects with you.


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