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University Learning OutcomeExampleDescription
Writing effectively and for mutiple audiencesCloud Atlas SextetThis is a paper I wrote for an Aesthetics course in the fall of 2013 in which I argue that Coud Atlas, the novel by David Mitchell, should be considered a Great Work of Art and will be studied for centuies to come.
Goalsetting for the short and long term to meet desired endsMy Short-Term GoalsStatemet of two goals for the end of this year with detailed list of action steps for their completion and lists of several obstacles to their completion.
Ethics to respond to issues in personal, professional, and civic life and to judge the merit of ethical claimsMy EthicsAn essay describing my results from online quizzes concerning my personal ethical framework, my responses to those results, and my research on an established ethical framework that best fits my ideal and how to impliment that framework in my personal and public lives.
Humanities for the understanding of the human condition in multiple contextsLe Futur de Québec A French composition from the fall of 2013 wherein I imagine what the province of Québec will be like in 100 years time - it's not a pretty picture.
Social Sciences to apply methods of inquiry for the understanding the human-built worldThe Physics of PowerA paper I wrote for an English course in the fall of 2011 wherein I look through a postmodern lens at institutions of power in societal structures and take a special look at how this applies to personal relationships, and how adultery shows a fault in that power system.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.