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BUSBTC 302 Business Foundations II

This course continues to develop the language of business, focusing on the tools and concepts required to make value-added financial decisions.  Emphasis on interpretation and analysis of financial reports and data. Topics include financial statement analysis, budgeting, cash flow, time value of money, and capital investment decisions.  Introduces financial spreadsheet tools.


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The five listed items below are the objectives of this course. The paragraph below them is my fustification for completing them.


1) Explain how business functions interact to create value.

2) Interpret and convert financial and other data into relevant information to solve common business problems.

3) Communicate professionally with diverse internal and external stakeholders.

4) Collaborate respectfully with diverse team members to execute projects.

5) Demonstrate an understanding of responsible business practices.


Working on this budgeting project gave me an opportunity to develop a better understanding of the departments and functions of a company which need to coordinate as well as work independently to make the business successful. This budget started by estimating production levels for future months and then deciding how much raw material neeeded to be ordered to meet those levels. The final step was estimating the ending cash for every month. This was an individual project, so i didn't have the opportunity to collaborate with others. However, I was still able to learn a lot about responsible business practices. What I thought was most valuable was the information about when borrowing money was a good idea. I used to think that minimizing interest should be everbody's goal, but now I know that this is definitely not true. As my professor said, sometimes interest is the best sleeping pill we could possibly have.

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