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My name is Devan Karsann, and I grew up in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. I moved to Boise to pursue higher education at Boise State and have enjoyed my last three years here. 


I'm interested in learning about the Python programming language for data analysis and machine learning, and I'm also interested in developing ideas I have for products.


I decided to set myself apart as a Computer Science major and work towards getting a Business Minor, which involves four business classes: BUSTBTC 301, 302, 310, and 320. I have already completed 301, 302, and 320. This fall I will take 310. This business program will help me by providing a good background in company structure, company operation, marketing, and the management of people.


The goals and objectives for this program, as set by the College of Business and Economics, are as follows:


  1. Graduates will: explain how business functions interact to create value
  2. Interpret and convert financial and other data into relevant information to solve common business problems
  3. Communicate professionally with diverse internal and external stakeholders
  4. Collaborate respectfully with diverse team members to execute projects
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of responsible business practices

Check out "BUSBTC 301 - Foundations I", "BUSBTC 302 - Foundations II", and "BUSBTC 320 - Creating Value for Customers" in the tabs at the top of the screen. These are the classes I have completed. You'll be able to view my final projects there.


Questions? Comments? You can contact me at devankarsann@u.boisestate.edu

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.