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Small thrown bowl with carved foot 

5 March 2014 


Glazed and ready to fire. Test tiles of the two glazes used (fired at Δ 6 oxidation) are sitting next to the unfired bowl. The clay body of the test tiles is slightly different, but I think it will be close enough to get similar colors. I sponged a light wash of red iron oxide onto the carved foot of the bowl before painting it with wax resist, to give it a more interesting visual texture, rather than just leaving it white. I am thinking that the dark reddish brown will complement the greens of the glazes when fired.



Clay body: Clay Art White (Δ 10)


     inside: Test glaze #8 Chrome oxide 1% (poured)

     outside: Test glaze #4 Copper Carbonate 3% (brushed/dripped)

To be fired at Δ 6 oxidation


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.