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 This is Sage





Sage is a student in the Extended Resource Room at Riverglen Junior High School. He is absolutely intrigued by wheels; he often pushes other students around in their wheelchairs or entertains himself with unoccupied wheelchairs. He will also frequently lay on the floor and observe the wheels turning. Our goal was to design a safe device for Sage that has a multitude of wheels (that he can push, manipulate and observe) and will interest him more than his classmate's wheelchairs.







The Team




Shelby McNeilly

(Pictured to the left)

Team Leader

Project Fabricator



Alex Burns

(Pictured on the right)

Circuit Specialist






 Marty Martinez

(Pictured to the left)

The Glue that Held This

Team Together



Andrea Carrizales

(Pictured on the right)


Artist/Sketch Master





 "We're like, the Breakfast Club of Engineers" ~ Marty Martinez


The above photo was taken on the day we delivered our final product to Sage, who enjoyed it so much that he wouldn't take his eyes off it. The frame is made out of PVC pipe, with foam to cover the base. The bike wheels in the back are attached with quick release bearings to a piece of metal so that the wheels would be stable. That metal runs across the rear piece of PVC and was also covered with foam. The bike wheels are equipped with blue and gold motion sensor lights. With casters in the front and a pinwheel as the center piece, the project pleased Sage and his teacher (Ms. Malone) more than we could have hoped for.


Final Product



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.