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High fidelity manikins to be a thing of the past?


People are starting to wonder if mannikins are going to be replaced by computer screens and programs. The introduction of vSIM has made the need for a piece of plastic full of wires outdated in some people's minds. However, the ability of vSIM to meet all students needs at this point is a bit limited. Research just published by Foronda et al (2016) indicates that there are limitation to virtual mannikins. The technology is still clunky causing the ability to multi-task and move smoothly between one or more activities nearly impossible.

Seeing what the future holds with this will be interesting! I think there will be a place for high fidelity manikins in the future, but do believe vSIM or similar products will gain traction and reduce the need for some of the medium and high tech machines.


More about my thoughts on vSIM can be found in the  "Simulation Resources" section of this eportfolio. The location is: https://boisestate.digication.com/sandies_sandbox/Simulation_Resources


Foronda, C. L., Swoboda, S. M., Hudson, K. W., Jones, E., Sullivan, N., Ockimey, J., & Jeffries, P. R. (2016). Evaluation of vSIM for Nursing™: A Trial of Innovation. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 12(4), 128-131.
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