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USU Policies and Procedures Manual

Table of Contents


01 Simulation Center General Learner Guidelines

02  Equipment Loan Guidelines

03  Use, Scheduling Priority, and Cancellation

04  Validation of Scenario Guidelines

05  Observers

06  Resolution Pathway

07  Ground Rules

08  Scenario and Template Usage Guidelines

09  Facilitator/Debriefer Guidelines

10  Simulation Center QI

11  Simulation Faculty Qualifications

12  Standardized Patient

13  Stress Response

14  Confidentiality, Photo/Digital Video/Audio, Observer Consent

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Simulation Center General Learner Guidelines



The faculty and administration in the Utah State University Clinical Simulation

Lab have developed an optimal environment for learning. The main goal of the Center is to provide a safe learning and effective experience for all learners, staff, and faculty.  Learners are expected to be active participants in the clinical skills and simulation activities. All are required to adhere to these guidelines as they are designed to help maintain a safe environment in the USU Clinical Simulation Lab.



A. All learners must know and practice within the safety guidelines at all times while using the lab. This lab manual is available in the labs and learners can access a digital copy at any time. All learners must read and agree to the terms of this policy and procedure guide, and view the Orientation Video before entering the simulation lab.


B. All labs are locked unless occupied by faculty, staff and/or learners. Any breech of security must be reported immediately to the simulation staff or Campus Police if need be. No unsupervised learners are allowed in any of the labs unless prior approval is given by simulation staff and faculty. Unsafe behavior will not be tolerated and should be reported immediately to faculty or simulation staff.


C. Learners will come to lab prepared by having read any scheduled lab outcomes and assignments prior to the start of the lab. Learners will use their assigned equipment and supplies necessary to be successful in the lab.


D. Learners will adhere to the following dress code policies as included in the student handbook:

1. Learners will dress in their clean, neat school uniforms unless directed to wear other clothes by the clinical instructor or Operations Specialist.

2. Learners will be knowledgeable in the care, handling and proper use of equipment prior to using it in the laboratory. Equipment and supplies will be used safely and for their designed purpose. Please report any malfunctioning or broken items to the Operations Specialist.



A. No food or drink are allowed in the simulation lab.

Adapted from: http://www.unr.edu/Documents/dhs/simlab/P_P_Manual_Revision_09_12%280%29.pdf

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.