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Sandie Nadelson, RN, PhD, CNE



Professional Biography


Dr. Sandie Nadelson, RN is the Nursing Programs Director and a faculty member at Utah State University.  She has been a nurse with a passion for helping people develop to their potential in health care and education. Sandie has a masters and doctorate in education and has been working in education for several years. Dr. Nadelson has presented on a variety of education topics at many different conferences including in Europe, China, and throughout the United States.


Professional Goal: My goal in life is to enhance the health and safety of others through education within a supportive environment.




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Nursing Student Simulation Scenario Information


This simulation scenario focuses on improving the faculty member's abilty to work with students. A focus is on struggling clinical students.

You can watch a short voice over PowerPoint about this by going to this site:




A digital copy of the PowerPoint that I narrated for this assignment can be found here: 

Faculty Simulation.pptx 


This picture doesn't really relate to the simulation, but this page was just so boring, I thought I needed to add something with color.





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