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Customer Analysis


In the design and manufacture of the Pillbox, every customer, from product need through product disposal, has influenced the decision making process. First, the product sponsor specified a series of requirements that was implemented into the pill box. These requirements were based on the needs of the clients that directly interact with the device, such as the user and the caregiver. The development team came up with various approaches to implement each given specification and to determine their feasibility. For instance, they had to take into account the pricing of the material posted by the material supplier and to compensate for any additional constraints of each subsystem posted by the manufacturer. If an implementation scheme was feasible after various technical details were evaluated, all subsystems were then integrated together at the top level to form a complete pill box. In order to start and maintain proper operation of the pill box, a series of device instructions is also provided for the consumer (i.e. operator of the device). For example, the caregiver will be instructed on how to kick-start every new cycle of medication regiment for the patient. The patient then follows the medication regiment by dispensing the pills out of the pill box when the time is appropriate. At this point, the delivery of the pill box to the consumer market is also critical. The distributor has to advertise the pill box to the public and the shipping carrier has to ensure a reasonable delivery schedule after an order is placed. In general, all the customers and how they interact with one another are listed below:


  • Product Sponsor/Investor: Determines the requirements of the device
  • Research/Development team: Implements requirements of the sponsor and determines the feasibility of various designs
  • Material Suppliers: Supplies premade and base materials to build the device
  • Manufacturers: Builds and assembles the various components and subsystems
  • Shipping: Transports the finished device safely and on time to the distributor
  • Distributer/Resale: Markets and sells the device to the public
  • Device Instruction: Trains the consumer in the proper workings of the device
  • Caregiver: Fills the pill containers and programs the pill taking schedules
  • Patient/Operator: Interacts with the device to receive their medications according to the schedule set by the caregiver
  • Device disposal: Recycles or disposes of the device to a local landfill
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.