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Final Design

This section should explain your system level design options and why those options were chosen.  Use functional decomposition and include descriptions of each block and the interfaces. Include relevant analysis, hand calculations, etc … to support your design concepts. Explain how the concept meets the customer needs and constraints of the project. Include graphics for clarification.


Engineering Calculations

This section should be for the overall design as well as sub designs if applicable to verify feasibility.  Engineering problem is clearly defined and supported in concept design section. For each design calculation: Equation variables are identified, equations are presented and well organized, inputs defined by specifications stated above, assumptions are listed and clear, mechanical drawings (FBD), electrical schematics, and program flowcharts are included when appropriate.


Design Alternatives/Evaluation

Use of specifications with weights included in the design matrices. At least two design evaluations have been completed. All major design decisions should be addressed.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.