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The list of customers for this rocket from design inception through disposal are:


  • Senior Design Team –Utilizes the customer requirements to design, prototype, and test a rocket that best fits the needs of the client. Makes decisions regarding feasibility of requirements, materials to be used and operational procedure (instructions) of the product.
  • Project Advisors – The project advisors are dedicated to providing support to the design team. They will help with determining the feasibility of design options.
  • Class Instructors – The class instructors ensure that the academic aspects of the project are being fulfilled. They will evaluate reports and provide feedback for areas of improvement.
  • Manufacturer – Utilizes the designer’s parameters through the use of the designers CAD drawings to produce the components of the rocket. Often the Manufacturer also assembles the components into the final product and preparers the product to be shipped to the user. The senior design team will likely fulfill the majority of this role.
  • Client – Requested the design team to design the rocket. They provided the requirements that the rocket must meet.
  • User – Uses the rocket to gather scientific data.  Inspects the device for signs of wear and informs the maintainer if there is any issue with the rocket that may result in an accident if the vehicle were to be used.
  • Public – Users who will interact with the rocket while it is on display at presentations or other functions that are open to the public.
  • Rocket Club – The rocket club will gain possession of the rocket once the senior design team is completely finished with the product.
  • Future Senior Design Teams – They will use the rocket as a starting platform to add improvements or introduce a novel design that can be added to the rocket. They will once again go through the full design process using the completed rocket as a starting point.
  • Maintainer/disposer – ensures that the rocket is maintained annually, if needed.  The designers intent is to mitigate the maintenance as much as possible by coming up with a sound design that should require very little to no maintenance.  They will also be responsible for determining when the vehicle’s life has been met and should no longer be maintained, therefore determining when the rocket should be disposed.  
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.