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Customer/Market Requirements and Specifications


Customer requirements were gathered during the initial meeting with the customer. From these requirements there were no constraints upon any specifications. The specifications were also generated through questioning the customer about the rocket parameters. The customer requirements were ranked using a modified house of quality. The list of customer specifications is shown below.


Table 2 Specification Table

Customer/Market Requirement

Constraint/ Variable

Specification/ Engineering Requirement


Standard Flight Path


Rocket reaches a minimum altitude of 10,000 feet above ground level.

A minimum altitude is needed in order to have a range of data that can be collected and analyzed from the flight

Large Rocket Size


7.5in minimum fuselage diameter

The large rocket size makes it exciting and interesting to people who are unfamiliar rockets. This will peak the interest of more people compared to smaller rockets.

Recovery System


Rocket fuselage and components are undamaged during descent.

The rocket needs to be recoverable and undamaged after flight.

Rocket lands close to launch pad


Rocket lands within 2 miles of launch pad with winds under 12 mph.

Rocket should land close to the launch location for easier retrieval and

Safe and Reliable Motor


Rocket propellant ignites in controlled manner without casing failure.

Motor needs to be reliable and safe so there isn’t concern for explosions.

Visual Flight Capture


1 downward facing camera and 1 outward facing camera can be mounted on the rocket.

Video recording of rocket flight is important for flight analysis, and these cameras need to be mounted to the rocket.

Limited rotation during ascent


Roll during ascent is limited to 20 deg/s

Video footage become unusable if the camera is spinning too quickly

Limited rotation during descent


Roll during descent is limited to 20 deg/s

Video footage become unusable if the camera is spinning too quickly

Vertical flight


Rocket flies within 15 degrees of vertical during powered flight

Rocket should reach its destination altitude along the most efficient flight path.

Quick assembly


Rocket can be assembled or dissembled in less than 1 hour.

Rocket will need to be taken apart for transportation, and should be



All rocket components can be accessed.

Different parts of the rocket will require updating and maintenance.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.